Report Cards

Standard-Based Scoring
Standards-based report cards use a 1-4 reporting system.
1:  Student is not meeting the standard but 
2:  Student has partially met the standard and continues to need additional opportunities to demonstrate mastery.
3:  Student has demonstrated mastery of the standard and is ready to move on to other standards.
4:  Student has exceeded expectations for the standard and is ready to move on to other standards.

Our school uses a standards-based reporting system divided into two categories
Category 1:  Academic Progress
Students will be "graded" on their mastery of standards in each subject area.  Since there are over 100 standards and sub-standards per grade level, developing a reporting tool to include all would be difficult to read.  So, we have taken similar standards and grouped them into more manageable measurement topics.  There are approximately 30-40 measurement topics per grade level. Students will receive a score of 1-4 depending on their level of mastery.

Category 2:  Work Habits
Students will be "graded" on their work habits separately from their academic progress.  Work habits include:
  • Work Quality:  Student work is carefully done, demonstrating a genuine effort.
  • Use of Time:  Student often maximizes class time by staying on task, completing work and asking for help.
  • Safe:  Student often shows self-control and takes responsibility for his/her actions.
  • Preparation:  Student does required homework and has required materials for tasks.
  • Follows Directions:  Student follows directions asking occasional questions for clarification.
  • Respect of Self/Others: The student shows concern for his/her and others' feelings, ideas and personal space, belongings.

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